What is the Community Care Hub?

The goal of the Ely Community Care Hub is to improve health and wellness for individuals and families through coordination of services. The Community Care Hub ensures that there is “No Wrong Door” to meeting your needs.

Working with a Care Facilitator

A Care Facilitator partners with individuals and their providers to improve health and wellbeing by identifying and addressing personal needs and goals, reducing barriers to care, and establishing support services.

  • It’s your life, so when you work with a care facilitator you are in charge of your goals and plan.
  • Care Facilitators help you identify and access resources.
  • Care Facilitators can help with paperwork, reminders, phone calls, understanding services, and removing barriers that are keeping you from getting care.
  • This is a FREE service

Some things Care Facilitators help with:

  • Safety
  • Housing
  • Education
  • Mental Health
  • Physical Health
  • Access to food and basic belongings
  • Recreation and fitness
  • Transportation

Find a Care Facilitator

Call Heidi Favet, Community Care Hub Director, at 218-365-7980