CCT in the News

CCT Successes and Accomplishments

  • Ely Community Health Center (new free clinic) formed—would not have been possible without CCT support.

  • Family Resource Facilitator position developed and embedded in Ely Schools.

  • Care facilitation at EHEC (2), Clubhouse (1) and School (1), serving 94 individuals.

  • Northwoods Partners launched new programming: Movement and Memories 2015, Tai Ji Quan 2016 both thanks to CCT minigrants.

  • Northern Lights Clubhouse staff participated in training required for Clubhouse International accreditation.  The Clubhouse has significantly increased member retention since training.  Training was possible in part thanks to a CCT mini-grant.

  • Portion of UCare Grant funding to St. Louis County was designated for Ely CCT: 47 bike racks will be added 2016, Aligns with other community initiatives to get people moving.

  • Focus Program nutrition/exercise/social studies project funded by CCT.  Focus students (high risk special education teens) worked with their school mental health specialist to begin an exercise program and record their equivalent distances traveled.  The group then choose a destination that distance from Ely to learn about the location and prepare a meal from that culture.

  • Northeast Range Wellness Team seeing success among students and families after two years of regular team meetings to identify and problem solve regarding non-academic needs of students.

  • Creation of the Behavioral Health Network, as a CCT subgroup, to more deeply address behavioral health needs.  BHN awarded HRSA federal network planning grant.

  • Three new agencies added to CCT:  Ely Community Health Center, Northern Habiliatitve Services, Community Health Council.

  • Team member trained to facilitate Circle of Security Parenting program.

  • Sponsored three community-wide health promotion events.

  • Conducted second data analysis of care coordination outcomes.

  • Conducted annual CCT member survey and social network analysis.

  • Conducted first care coordination evaluation of patient reported outcomes.

Patient Stories

I now own a vehicle, I'm renting my own house and have a job that I treasure, ...the Care Team gave me the motivation, the resources and the ego to do what I needed to do.  Anonymous

I probably would have given up if it hadn't been for the care team. The care team leader has been connecting, on my behalf, with the school and Ely Community Resources...I get to spend more time with my kids.  Anonymous